What's New:

GreaGreatNews 1.0 (Build 386) Released on 4/10/2010

  • Updated: Updated development tools and libraries (Thanks ktm for helping out development!)
  • Added: Persian language pack (Thank you Ehsan!)
  • Updated: Brazilian Portuguese language pack (Thank you Alessandro!)
  • Added: Persian language pack (Thank you Ehsan!)
  • Fixed: Many internal bug fixes

GreatNews 1.0 Beta (Build 383) Released on 6/19/2007
  • Added: 3-column display mode for wide screen user
    View->Reading Pane
  • Added: Hidden flag to allow multiple GreatNews running at the same time.
  • Updated: Japanese Language Pack (Thanks bbb)
  • Changed: Upgrade database engine to latest version (again)
  • Fixed: Updated articles were not saved. Only counters were updated. (Thanks razorsharp)

GreatNews 1.0 Beta (Build 381) Released on 3/30/2007

  • Added: Support local feed. Please use file:// format as the feed url
  • Changed: Upgrade database engine to latest version
  • Added: Romanian language pack (Thank you Alexandru Bogdan Munteanu!)
  • Fixed: GreatNews doesn't update article URL if it's changed (Thanks harleq)
  • Fixed: Dragging a link from reading pane and dropping to a label causes GreatNews to crash (Thanks sabarnett)
  • Fixed: Invalid URL like feed://http//www.... causes GreatNews to crash (Thanks jackvinson)

GreatNews 1.0 Beta (Build 379) Released on 1/28/2007

  • Changed: Upgraded GreatNews codebase to use VS2005. All libraries were upgraded to their latest versions. Several stability issues were solved.
  • Fixed: Some correction to English language pack (Thanks Peter)
  • Fixed: GreatNews cannot track comments on Atom1.0 feed. (Thanks Jack Vinson)
  • Added: Vietnamese language pack (Thank you Narga!)

GreatNews 1.0 Beta (Build 376) Released on 11/27/2006

  • Added: Middle-click a feed in the tree will open its website in a new tab
  • Added: FireFox 2.0 RSS subscription support
  • Add: IE7 new css support. Most noticably, images in newspaper will scale to fit
    Note: this change might break user-made styles. There will might be a hidden option to disable IE7 support to allow legacy user styles to work.
  • Added: Option to decide marking changed article unread or not (Default is off)
    Tools->Options->Usability->Mark Changed Item Unread
  • Added: Option to cleanup temp files upon exit (Default is on)
    Tools->Options->General->Cleanup Temp File Upon Exit
  • Added: Swedish language pack (Thanks Pontus Lundqvist)
  • Updated: Dutch language pack (Thanks CorbTrans)
  • Tentative Fix: compatibility issue with http://hosted.ap.org (Thanks Mike Miller)

GreatNews 1.0 Beta (Build 374) Released on 9/27/2006

  • Added: Plugin to use Microsoft LiveWriter with GreatNews BlogThis.
  • Added: "Work Offline" command added to tray popup menu (Thanks justauser)
  • Added: Enabled XP theme in embedded browser (Thanks rocky and coolzdp)
  • Added: Unlabel All command to Label context menu (Thanks justauser)
  • Added: Treat all GreatNews generated pages as in Internet zone to reduce security risk. (Thanks Nick Bradbury)
  • Added: Several accessibility enhancements (Thanks Michael D. Lawler)
    F6 sets focus to feed tree. F9 sets focus to news list.
    SHIFT+F10 and Application key to bring up context menu.
  • Added: New option to use a Label or Watch as GreatNews home page (Thanks wyldphyre)
  • Added: CTRL+DblClick in news list to open webpage in new tab. SHIFT+DblClick to open in new window (Thanks cnewtonne)
  • Added: 48*48, 64*64 GreatNews icons (Thanks Mercury)
  • Added: hidden option "MaxFeedSizeInK" to change maximum feed size. Default is 1000KB.
  • Fixed: a bug in handling Tim Bray's atom 1.0 feed. (Thanks Chewtoy)
  • Fixed: GreatNews doesn't set article status to unread when content was updated (Thanks ski)
  • Fixed: GreatNews treats FeedBurner modified article urls as rss feeds (Thanks wjf)
  • Fixed: GreatNews reports "The page cannot be displayed" if a website has malformed links (Thanks maupassant)
  • Tentative Fix: compatibility issue with http://hosted.ap.org's feed, which generates new guid for existing items everytime. (Thanks acrv)
  • Tentative Fix: Read item showing up as unread if its title has escaped characters. (Thanks Banji)
  • Changed: feed detection is now using the standard RSS icon Ver 1.0 (Build 372)
  • Updated: Polish language pack (Thanks kodijak)
  • Updated: Turkish Language language pack (Thanks webdr)
  • Updated: Traditional Chinese language pack (Thanks Nelson)  

GreatNews 1.0 Beta (Build 370) Released on 6/28/2006

  • Added: Drag/Drop feed subscription from IE, FireFox and GreatNews reading pane. (Thanks Carl for his excellent classes!)
  • Added: Feed->Work Offline +Added: Feed->Mark Page as Read(CTRL+M) (Thanks Gizmo)
  • Added: RSS feed detection now displays feed titles
  • Changed: GreatNews will no longer show system tray popup when there's only failed channel updates.
  • Fixed: GreatNews chokes on invalid date format (Thanks Le_Catalan)
  • Fixed: Script debugger comes up when GreatNews start page is configured to show most visited feeds (Thanks Steven Burn)
  • Fixed: Global Search displayed wrong message if no item was found. (Thanks leem)
  • Added: Arabic language pack (Thanks Abdulaziz Althnyan)
  • Added: Basque language pack (Thanks Joseba Kamio)
  • Updated: Franch language pack (Thanks NicoTrad)
  • Updated: Italian language pack (Thanks Scirè Salvatore)
  • Updated: German language pack (Thanks Sven Fischer)
  • Updated: Deutsch language pack (Thanks Jan Peters)
  • Updated: Traditional Chinese language pack (Thanks Nelson)
  • Updated: Spanish language pack (Thanks Maty)

GreatNews 1.0 Beta (Build 368) Released on 4/27/2006

  • Added: Mark article read/unread directly on reading pane
    (by clicking the yellow star)
  • Added: News Watch now supports quoted string in keyword (Thanks tqa)
  • Added: Clicking read/unread flag in News List will mark item read/unread immidiately
  • Added: Generic BlogThis tool to use external applictions like Zoundry. (Thanks pidge)
    To use Zoundry with GreatNews, add a generic BlogThis tool, and set URL to:
    <program directory>\zBlogWriter.exe -blogthis -file %HTMLFILE%
  • Added: "Yesterday & Today" was added to date time filter on toolbar. (Thanks orchid)
  • Added: CTRL+right click on channel node will show more items including "Mark unread".
  • Added: Option to keep news item's origional link instead of FeedBurners. (Thanks Lee Hopkins)
    The option is in Tools->Options->Features page
  • Added: Channel Group properties dialog now accepts multi-lines. (Thanks gardenia)
  • Added: GreatNews Language Pack Editor is now available for download.
  • Changed: Changed "Channel" to "Feed" to use the term more consistently (Thanks thelost)
  • Changed: Exported OPMLs now have <title>, <dateCreated> and <dateModified> under <head>. (Thanks iredwards)
  • Changed: News List sorting column is NOT saved except for Date and Channel (Thanks Alex)
  • Fixed: Added sanity check to prevent some feed returning enormous amount of data (Thanks kyloe10)
  • Fixed: GreatNews always show news list when restarts (Thanks hclerx)
  • Fixed: Expand/Collapse All menu items didn't work (Thanks Moonlight)
  • Fixed: RSS auto detection didn't convert relative path to absolute path. (Thanks DanielIT)  
  • Fixed: compatibility issue with http://antoin.livejournal.com (Thanks trivee)
  • Added: Brazilian Portuguese language pack (Thank you very much Alessandro!)
  • Changed: The following language packs have been updated to
    Simplified Chinese
    Traditional Chinese (Thanks Nelson)
    Spanish (Thanks Maty)
    Korean (Thanks Moon sung-wook)
    Italian (Thanks Alberto)
    Japanese (Thanks 666bb)
    Turkish (Thanks UMUT)
    Dutch (Thanks Hans Barnhoorn)

GreatNews 1.0 Beta (Build 364) Released on 3/1/2006

  • Added: GreatNews now supports plugins to extend BlogThis function.
    A demo plugin is included to support w.Bloggar. Source code of this sample plugin is available here.
  • Added: channel property dialog now accepts channel login name and password
  • Added: if there's no unread channels, "Open unread" command will go to welcome page. (Thanks mrb1ue)
  • Added: Channel->Rename(F2) to rename a channel/group/watch/label directly on the tree.
  • Added: Label tree nodes now show total number of items with the label.
  • Added: If a channel/group has labelled items, GreatNews now warns user twice before deleting it. (Thanks gardenia)
  • Added: CTRL+S to save current web page
  • Added: Serbian language pack (Thank you very much Djurasinovic)
  • Added: Koren language pack (Thank you very much Moon sung-wook)
  • Added: Czech language pack (Thank you very much Tirsor)
  • Added: GreatNews now refreshes channel favicons weekly. (Thanks Mordac)
  • Added: some debug facility was added
  • Changed: Less scary warning message to update data file (Thanks jiminy)
  • Fixed: in "mark read interactively" mode, the last page won't be marked read if user switched channel.
    Note: This may appear to some user as a bug. Let me know your thoughts at GreatNews forum.
  • Fixed: GreatNews didn't escape url correctly if a link was middle-clicked. (Thanks Lazlo Nibble)
  • Fixed: When reloading modified items, GreatNews may mark wrong item unread if the feed has no valid guid (Thanks SteveAgl)
  • Fixed: GreatNews shows minimize-to-tray animation regardless Windows setting (Thanks flock)
  • Fixed: Adding then removing a label will prevent an item being cleaned up. (Thanks rodeoclown)
  • Fixed: Removing then adding many channels at once may mess up favicons (Thanks sen)
  • Fixed: changed podcasting .oog to .ogg (Thanks marsh) 

GreatNews 1.0 Beta (Build 360) Released on 1/28/2006

  • Added: Full text search across all channels
    Edit->Global Search
  • Added: Blogspot/Atom channel auto-detect support (Thanks rodeoclown)
  • Added: GreatNews now updates local copy of articles if they have changed. (Thanks Alex)
    If the article timestamp or title was changed, GreatNews will also set it to unread.
  • Added: Article now can be configed to open in current tab, default browser, or new tab.
    in Tools->Options->Usability.
    If you have set the option to open rss link in default browser, please use the new option
  • Added: News watch now can be disabled (Thanks iw)
  • Changed: Links under Help menu are now openned in GreatNews browser tabs. (Thanks Robin Siebler)
  • Added: Label property dialog now shows the number of items that have this label (Thanks pieterschultz)
  • Added: Channel Group expand/collapse state is now saved (Thanks Pedro Fonseca)
  • Added: Search Channel dialog now auto-generates channel name (Thanks CH)
  • Added: News Watch properties dialog now auto-generates watch name
  • Added: CTRL+N to open current internet page in default browser (Thanks Harry)
  • Added: Contact information in About dialog (Thanks Richard Goodwin) 
  • Added: In Channel Properties page, CTRL+click Validate button will show channel raw xml instead. (Thanks rodeoclown)
    Not an ideal solution because there's no visual cue. But probably there are not a lot of people need this function either.
  • Added: Enclosure types are now user configurable in Options->Features page (Thanks rodeoclown)
    So you can add pdf enclosures from http://www.escapistmagazine.com/
  • Changed: Minor change to Automatic Update.
  • Changed: Updated Traditional Chinese language pack (Thanks Nelson)
  • Changed: improved compatibility with wrong date format (Thanks Tambu)
  • Fixed: Compatibility issue with http://www.baravalle.it/phpGrabComics (thanks gdusenberry)
  • Fixed: Partially fixed auto detects problem with sourceforge.net (Thanks flock)
    If IE engine is used , clicking sourceforge rss feeds in GreatNews will prompt to subscribe. But the feeds still won't show on statusbar.
  • Fixed: Channels always show in bold even if there's no unread item if Windows default font set to be bold. (Thanks flatrabbit)
  • Fixed: The annoying one pixel line when News List is hidden
  • Fixed: GreatNews reports improper shutdown error msg at startup if user shutdown Windows with GreatNews runnings (Thanks yokozuna)
  • Fixed: GreatNews cannot display favicon if a feed use non-standard http port. (Thanks Nyaaa)

GreatNews 1.0 Beta (Build 354) Released on 12/29

  • Added: wfw:comment support
    IfOption->Feature->"Track Comments" is enabled, news items which have wfw:comment will show "Track Comments" link under articles. If you click Track Comments, GreatNews will track this article automatically and will mark the article unread if new comments arrive. New comments will be displayed under each article.
  • Added: "Add Channel Wizard" now auto detects channels from website.
  • Added: Close to tray option in Options->General page (Thanks Vitaly)
  • Added: Polish language pack (Thank you very much Kodi!)
  • Added: Turkish language pack (Thank you very much Umut!)
  • Changed: Traditional Chinese language pack (Thank you very much coca!)
  • Added: Portuguese language pack (Thank you very much Nico!)
  • Changed: Adding labels in reading pane now displays visual cue immidiately.
  • Changed: GreatNews now converts feed:// protocal to http:// (Thanks gtanuel)
  • Fixed: Channel Properities dialog set default button to Cancel (Thanks Alex)
  • Added: News Watch now can be set on search channels.
  • Added: minor performance enhancement
  • Fixed: compatibility issue with http://morningmusumenet.net/
    BTW: There's really no <rss version="1.0">, it's RDF...But since www.feedvalidator.org thinks it's valid, I just accept it as well.
  • Changed: data file format upgraded to
  • Added: Tab key to navigate among panels
  • Added: Two hidden options for users need more control:
        ExternalBrowser=E:\Program Files\Avant Browser\avant.exe
    'NoFavicons' will turn off favicons 'ExternalBrowser' will specify external browser to use instead of the default one.

GreatNews 1.0 Beta (Build 349) Released on 11/30

  • Added: Channel favicon support
  • Added: Single key/mouse-wheel reading
    SPACE Bar and Mouse-wheel will scroll, goto next page, go to next item etc depending on what you are reading. (This function doesn't yet work with Mozilla engine)
    Note: In order to turn page with mouse wheel, you need to scroll to the bottom, then give the mouse wheel a fast spin. 
  • Added: News Watch matched items can now be highlighted directly on reading pane.
    If you find this feature is distracting, it can be turned off from Tools->Options->Features
  • Added: Russian language pack. (Thank you very much Vitaly!)
  • Added: Double clicking empty area will create a tab
  • Added: CTRL+F4/CTRL+W/Double clicking to close a tab (Thanks madmak tab)
  • Added: CTRL+Tab to switch tabs
  • Added: Closing last tab will display blank page (Thanks rodeoclown)
  • Added: Option to disable automatic group expanding/collapsing. (Thanks jimbo & Pedra)
    Tools->Options->Usability->Do not expand/collapse channel group automatically.
  • Added: Creating a new tab will set focus to address bar automatically (Thanks an anonymous user)
  • Added: Sort column of news list is now saved when quitting GreatNews.
  • Added: GreatNews will show warning message if "Cleanup labelled items" option is selected (Thanks davidth17e)
  • Added: Yahoo and MSN search were added to Search button (Thanks Vitaly)
  • Added: "Delete Temp File" option in Cleanup Wizard.
  • Fixed: Attempted to fix high resolution small font problem.
    This fix is not tested. Please let me know if it doesn't work
  • Fixed: Click news list columns cannot sort item ascendingly. (Thanks alta88)
  • Fixed: GreatNews doesn't convert detected feed to absolute URL (Thanks jiminy crickert)
  • Fixed: Compatibiity issue with volokh.com (Thanks Kevin)
  • Fixed: CTRL+C/V/F doesn't work in reading pane (Thanks Alex)
  • Fixed: GreatNew may export feed url as feed:// instead of http:// to opml. (Thanks gtanuel)

GreatNews 1.0 Beta (Build 342) Released on 10/28

  • Added: For security reasons, GreatNews now filters certain html tags in rss feeds. (Thanks Alex)
  • Added: Display most active and least active feeds in last 60 days
  • Added: statistics settings to exclude disabled channels and specify num of channels
  • Added: Dutch language pack. (Thank you, BRH)
  • Added: GreatNews now prompts for channels have no update for 60 days.
    configurable in Tools->Options->Reading page
  • Added: Channel level setting "keep the channel even it's inactive"
  • Added: Popup message timer is now configurable in Tools->Options->Reading page
  • Added: GreatNews now accept startup window status sent from Windows shortcut. (Thanks rodeoclown)
  • Added: Tray icon tooltips now also displays the number of total unread messages. (Thanks rodeoclown)
  • Added: Cleanup Wizard can now specify maximum num of items to keep in a channel
  • Added: Channel level setting "max-num-of-items-to-keep" for cleanup
  • Added: %MEDIA% can now be used in GreatNews style css file (Thanks gtanuel)
  • Changed: setup program name was changed to GreatNewsSetup.exe (Thanks Joyo, rodeoclown)
  • Changed: Now the same GreatNews.zip is for both new install and upgrade.
    No more greatnews_upgrade.zip!
  • Changed: Channel Properties Dialog now shows as tabs
  • Changed: Reorganized HTML file format.
    If you have modified Media\home.htm and NoItem.htm, please merge your modifications into the latest files. Old files will no longer work.
  • Changed: Channel->Refresh renamed to "Refresh Unread Count"
  • Changed: new items now have 'gn_unread' div class (Thanks gtanuel)
    Sample styles:  http://www.curiostudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=745  
  • Fixed: Channel updating may show "invalid character at line 0, number 0" error message. (Thanks GeekNJ)
  • Fixed: GreatNews temp files have a trailing zero. (Thanks APG)
  • Fixed: Date display doesn't change according to Windows regional settings (Thanks rodeoclown)
  • Fixed: invalid bloglines account might lock up GreatNews
  • Fixed: News item may display incorrect time stamp (Thanks tamsun)
  • Fixed: Channel Properties won't show multi-line channel description (Thanks yagood)
  • Fixed: Clicking new items in popup window cannot bring GreatNews to the front
  • Fixed: Tray icon might always show unread.
  • Fixed: Newly installed GreatNews prompts to run cleanup
  • Fixed: Clicking once in the header list can get two click sounds (Thanks Martin)

GreatNews 1.0 Beta (Build 334) Released on 9/25

  • Links in reading pane now show focus when clicked on.
  • Tray icon now reflects new items arrived after last read
  • Email This feature no longer displays a dummy recipient.
  • Added "Google Blog Search" to search channels
  • Search channels are now user configurable.
    After upgrade to this build, greatnews.ini will have a new section [SearchChannelDefinition]. I didn't write a UI but it should be easy to figure out how to modify it.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with Maxthon that urls with space were not handled correctly. (Thanks GeekNJ)
  • Add a channel level option that will notify new item arrivals in popup windows.
  • Fixed the issue that reading pane shows scripting error message when popups are blocked (Thanks alta88)
  • Fixed a bug that GreatNews incorrectly treat gif/image enclosure as Podcasting. (Thanks GeekNJ)
  • *Try* to fix the error that GreatNews might crash when quitting or Windows shutting down.
    I couldn't reproduce the problem myself. But I made some changes to the place most likely causing the crash.
  • Added Blog This feature to support publishing directly from within GreatNews. (Thanks Alex)
    Support following blog publish tools: WordPress, TypePad, Movable Type, Blogger, Drupal and generic types
  • Added ENTER key handling in News List (Thanks alta88)
    ENTER = Open web in reading pane
    CTRL + ENTER = Open web in new tab
    SHIFT + ENTER = Open web in external browser
  • Fixed the bug that broke Add Favorite and Manage Favorite menu commands. (Thanks michael_meng)
  • Fixed the bug that GreatNews can't use Maxthon or Sleipniras default browser.
  • Added Italian language pack. (Thank you very much Alberto)
  • CTRL+Click to open a link on new tab.
    For notebook users with no mouse wheel
  • Scrolling mouse wheel while holding the right mouse button to turn pages in reading pane. Try this one, it's quite convenient :)
  • Added support to extra mouse buttons
    These buttons should turn pages in reading pane. But I don't have this kind of mouse to test.
  • Added item features(Email This, +Del.icio.us, +Furl) to news list right click menu (Thanks Alex)
  • Added the option to disable tabbed browsing
  • Fixed the bug that Email This doesn't work with Outlook Express (Thanks anonymous forum user)

GreatNews 1.0 Beta (Build 326) Released on 8/25

  • Added tabbed browsing functionality
    Clicking links with mouse wheel to open in background tabs.
    View->New Tab to open a new tab.
    Internet search(the G icon on toolbar) now opens in new tab
  • Added +Del.icio.us, +Furl and Email This item features
    Enable these feature from Tools->Options->Feature page
  • Added Atom 1.0 support
    (The xhtml type is not yet supported)
  • Added shortcut key CTRL+R to mark read
  • Enhanced search function to search on regular expressions. (Thanks regexp)
    To use the function, add "re:" to the regexp. (e.g. Enter "re:g[o]*gle" in the search editbox on toolbar will match "google" or "goooooooogle" etc.)
  • Added new option to disable automatic channel updates (Thanks armstead)
  • GreatNews Updater now can download installer version or zipped version to upgrade.
  • GreatNews now opens new browser window (IE) or tabs (other tabbed browsers) when open web links with external browser.
  • Added the ability to define individual styles for Label and News Watch (Thanks Cuba)
  • Icon for unread news was changed to avoid confusion with unread emails. (Thanks wormeyman)
  • Changed way how GreatNews handles charset mapping. (Thanks Alexander)
  • Minor style(css) changes.
  • Fixed the crash bug when subscribing http://www.vetta.de/news_rss.php (Thanks Joe)
  • Fixed a display bug in Top 10 Feeds page.
  • Partial fix to the compatibility issue with http://palmaddict.typepad.com. (Thanks Alexander)
  • Fixed a problem with feed without item title (Thanks Alexsander)
  • Fixed a bug that GreatNews cannot use more than 20 display styles (Thanks Robin Siebler)
  • Fixed a compatibility problem with Russian encoding. (Thanks kuchin)
  • Fixed a problem with Opera as default browser. (Thanks yokozuna)
  • Fixed a bug that GreatNews cannot use more than 20 display styles (Thanks Robin Siebler)

GreatNews 1.0 Beta (Build 317) Released on 7/23

  • GreatNews now clears channel's update timestamp if user modified channel's properties. (Thanks Alexander)
  • Added channel level style setting. (Thanks actlix)
    If defined, a channel will display in its own style when selected. This is a not-so-elegant solution to the Dilbert-cartoon-clipoff problem. 

GreatNews 1.0 Beta (Build 315) Released on 7/1

  • Added ability to label news items directly on the reading pane
  • Label node now ignore status filter. (Thanks dirt)
  • GreatNews now accepts /feed: command line parameters.
  • Added "Set GreatNews as the default feed aggregator" button to Tools->Options dialog use this button to set GreatNews as the default feed:// protocol handler.If you installed FireFox Extension Feed your reader, click Live Bookmark will subscribe the feed in GreatNews.
  • Fixed the bug that auto-update stops working after "mark all as read". (Thanks to an anonymous user)
  • Channel properites page now displays TTL setting
  • Several internal styles are now user configurable in Media/buildin_style.tpl file
  • Added channel level cleanup max age setting
  • Fixed a bug that GreatNews crashes when "Collapse to Group" menu command is used in dialogs (Thanks actlix)
  • Fixed a bug that last news item cannot be marked read interactively (Thanks GeekNJ)
  • Some changes to open links in external default browser, at background if middle-clicked. (Thanks redreba, Cuba, rosedelanuit)

GreatNews 1.0 Beta (Build 311) Released on 6/12

  • Added per channel auto-update frequency setting (Thanks Cuba)
  • Added 304 conditional gets and http gzip encoding support (Thanks Alexander Turcic)
  • German language pack (Thanks Jan Peters)
  • News List column widths are now saved (Thanks sigh)
  • Case insensitive channel sorting (Thanks GeekNJ)
  • GreatNews now supports rss <ttl>  setting
  • "Update channel/group" menu command now works on disabled channel groups.
  • New option to control if GreatNews should mark item as read at Bloglines. (Thanks LcF and Craig P) This option is on the page where you select Bloglines Sync Channels
  • GreatNews will refresh channel unread counts at startup if it didn't shutdown properly last time. (Thanks actlix)
  • GreatNews now skips tray popup if no news item was downloaded, and no channel failed.
  • Fixed the bug that GreatNews doesn't recognized rss verison "2.00" (Thanks GeekNJ)
  • Fixed a bug that News Watch doesn't handle certain Chinese words correctly (Thanks atclix)
  • Fixed the bug that auto-update always uses internet caches (Thanks GeekNJ)

GreatNews 1.0 Beta (Build 306) Released on 5/6

  • Added some rudimental support for Podcasting.
    Primarily designed for easy extracting Podcasting links and streaming on pc. GreatNews does not download podcast or upload to your mp3 player.
  • GreatNews now reads author information from rss feed.
  • Japanese language pack (Thanks bbb(tetrinet66@hotmail.com) and NewCosmo)
  • Switching channels with CTRL+Click will not mark previous channel as read
  • Fixed the problem with http://www.exblog.jp/ (Thanks NewCosmo)
  • Fixed a bug that GN always show blue text on win2000 when a news item was right-clicked on (Thanks Philharmania)
  • Fixed the html &#xxxx; display issue (Thanks NeoCosmo)
  • Fixed the bug that deleting a news item would mark next item as read (Thanks fdcn)

GreatNews 1.0 Beta (Build 303) Released on 4/27

  • International language interface(View->Language)
    English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese language packs are now available 
  • Added "Detach From Bloglines" in Channel Organizer to detach sync channels in batch
  • Added the ability to disable channel group
  • Performance improvement.
    Now GreatNews starts up quickly even you have subscribed hundreds of rss feeds.
  • Added Channel->Refresh command to refresh unread counts
  • Sort by column.
    Clicking on news list columns to circle through ascending, desecending, default sorting
  • Added an option in Cleanup Wizard to control whether to compress data file after cleanup
  • Added Help->Visit GreatNews Forum menu. (Thanks sigh)
  • Right click menu in news list no longer refresh the reading pane.
    This makes setting labels a little bit easier
  • Double click at a channel will update the channel, if user doesn't use single click update option (Thanks Havas)
  • Open Unread Group will open unread channel at root level if there's no unread group. (Thanks tdiingks)
  • Fixed the bug that search channels don't show up in Cleanup Wizard and Channel Organizer (Thanks TCK)
  • Fixed the bug that drag/dropping channel with unread item will mess up unread count
  • Fixed the bug that "Open Unread Group" didn't work when invoked from menu bar (Thanks Havas)
  • Fixed the bug that add/detach bloglines sync channels causes incorrect unread count (thanks atclix)
  • Fixed the issue that F7/F8 won't mark channel/group as read

GreatNews 1.0 Beta (Build 296) Released on 4/8

  • In most cases, Channel Update will now bypass local cache
  • Fixed some proxy compatibility issues - Fixed another bug related to invalid rss feed handling
  • Fixed several bugs that may crash GreatNews while decoding invalid rss feeds. (Thanks hpw)
  • Added accelerator key to Tools menu (Thanks amber)
  • Fixed a bug that GN may hang when adding channel slate.msn.com/rss (thanks lgm)
  • Fixed some issues with GB18030 encoding

GreatNews 1.0 Beta (Build 293) Released on 03/31

  • Major improvement on compatibility with invalid rss feeds. Now GreatNews can read from most of them.
  • "N seconds to mark read" comes back Quite a few users are used to use this function. So it's been put back in. Choose from mark read interactively or automatically in Options->Reading
  • Mouse over channels in red text displays why the channel updates failed.
  • News Watch option to mark matched news items as read during channel update.
  • Update channel explicitly by using menu command will bypass local cache.
  • Ctrl+PageUp/Down now turn to previous/next page in reading pane
  • Fixed the problem that channels.opml is missing from setup packages (Thanks Havas)
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes bloglines.com sync channels cannot be added. (Thanks actlix)
  • Fixed a bug that GreatNews may display wrong encoding (thanks Max.Liu)
  • Fixed a bug that the Next> link may incorrectly mark group as read under certain situation
  • Fixed a bug that GreatNews repeatly download a feed if the feed has no timestamp, no guid and no link (thanks hpw)
  • Fixed a bug that channel "Don't update automatically" option doesn't always work (thanks atclix)
  • Fixed a bug that GreatNews cannot update a feed if it has no timestamp, no guid, and all news items have the same link (thanks Philharmania)
  • Fixed a bug that a bloglines-sync channel doesn't update its icon when it's detached from bloglines

GreatNews 0.99 Build 275 Released on 03/22

  • Bloglines intergration. (Channel->Add->Bloglines Sync Channels)
    Read everywhere at Blogliens, but read twice as fast at your desk.
  • A new option to control if the Next> link should jump to next unread channel/group
  • New startup page options. Now user can choose from blank page, welcome page, or Top 10 most visited page
  • Build-in browser now indicates which news items are unread
  • Moving around news list will mark previous item as read
  • Next Page/Last Page in build-in browser will mark previous page as read
  • Clicking "Next Page" on the last page of a channel will jump to next unread channel (Thanks a user)
  • New style: Brief
  • If a RSS feed doesn't specify version, GreatNews will use RSS 2.0 format by default
  • GreatNews now detects and corrects rss feeds that sort items in reverse chronicle order(eg. blogbus.com) (Thanks Philharmania)
  • Fixed the bug that welcome page and statistics page don't work if "Open RSS link in default browser" flag is enabled (Thanks atclix)
  • Fixed the bug that GreatNews may miss some news item if a rss feed has incorrect timestamps (Thanks atclix)
  • Fixed the bug that GreatNews sometimes updates channels in reversed order
  • Fixed the bug that GreatNews won't save news list position if user doesn't display welcome screen (Thanks grapyce)
  • Fixed the bug that news watch Match Whole Word option doesn't work
  • Removed the feature that marks read automatically after N seconds
  • Removed the feature to flash RSS-Detected icon on status bar 

GreatNews 0.98 Build 261 Released on 03/16

  • Fixed the bug that Cleanup Wizard was broken by build 260 (thanks atclix)
  • Added Flickr search channel
  • Click links in build-in browser with mouse wheel will open links in default browser
  • GreatNews will upgrade your data file to new version.
    Note: All your news items will have timestamp set to yesterday 12:00AM GMT, and marked as read
  • GreatNews now displays datetime adjusted to local timezone
  • News items' published-timestamp now merged with retrieved-timestamp. For channels that don't specify modification time, GreatNews uses the time the news was downloaded.
  • Add Group button is added in Organize Channels dialog
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with feeds.feedburner.com. (thanks atclix)
  • Fixed the bug that searching empty news list crashes GreatNews (Thanks an anonymous forum user)
  • Fixed the bug that deleting channel tree nodes doesn't adjust unread count (Thanks lgm)
  • Fixed the 1/1/1970 display bug (Thanks libinbin)
  • Fixed the bug that Atom parser extracts wrong links (thanks atclix)
  • Fixed the bug that GreatNews downloads news articles again after cleanup.
    Note: This still can happen if the RSS channel has no timestamp anywhere and you completely cleanup the channel.
  • Fixed the bug that GreatNews ignores certain time zone formats

GreatNews 0.98 Build 252 Released on 03/06

  • News List now displays unread news in bold (Thanks dakkon)
  • Ignore matched items when updating channels (New option on News Watch Propreties dialog) (Thanks hpw)
  • Mark previous channel as read when switching channels. (Tools->Options->Reading)
  • Minor changes to the News Paper and FireFox Sage styles. Now oversized pictures are truncated to maintain neat page layout.
  • "Mark item as read after N seconds" option applies to all items on current page.
  • Partially fixed the annoying unread count problem (Label and News Watch's unread counts still don't refresh automatically)
  • Fixed the bug that GreatNews Automatic Update doesn't show download progress (Thanks atclix)
  • Remove the feature that marks channel read automatically after N seconds
  • Option->Usability->Open RSS Link in default browser. Turn it on and set FireFox as default browser, GreatNews will open RSS links in FireFox. (Thanks libinbin and atclix for the suggestion). Ctrl+Click will always open links in default browser.
  • "Add Label..." menu item added to News List context menu. (Thanks atclix for the suggestion)
  • GreatNews now automatically marks all news items on the current page as read. (Thanks lgm for the suggestion)
  • Partially solved compatibility issues with certain rss feeds that have invalid characters.
  • Fixed the bug that Mark-As-Read on some tree nodes may display "Unknown Error" message. (Thanks wangchp for pointing this out.)
  • Fixed the bug that Mark As Read/Mark As Unread was reversed in news list (Thanks atclix)
  • Fixed the bug that channel unread count displays (-1). (Thanks zhanghz)
  • Options->Read->"Mark news as read" can be set to 0 to turn it off.
  • Use IE6.0SP2's popup-blocking if it's available
  • Removed the option to control how mouse-click works in News List to make UI consistent. Now clicking with left button always opens rss article in build-in browser, M-click always opens website in build-in browser, and double-click always opens website in default browser.

GreatNews 0.96 Build 240 Released on 02/25

  • News List now synchonizes with browser pagination
  • Automatic Update is now available。Program checks new version at startup。Can be turned on/off from Options->General。
  • Help->Check New Version
  • Channels Update will timeout after 180 seconds
  • Single click on channel group to expand the group
  • Only display system tray ballon tips when program is minimized。
  • Channel/group updates automatically when clicked on。Can be turned on/off from Options->Read
  • Turn on/off welcome screen from Option->General