GreatNews 1.0.386 source code is out

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GreatNews 1.0.386 source code is out

Postby Jack » Sun Apr 04, 2010 8:55 pm

Big thanks to ktm. I merged his changes into GreatNews build. The complete source code can be downloaded from

+ Included missing Inno Setup scripts to source code
+ Switched build environment to svn.

Changes by ktm:
+ Removed CVS directories and lots of other unnecessary artifacts
+ Updated project files to Visual Studio 2008 (Sorry if you're stuck with 2005, I don't have that one and don't feel like going back to 2003...)
+ Removed outdated/non-working project targets
+ ATL Server isn't included in VS2K8 - I added it as an external library. Get it here:
+ Updated zlib to 1.2.4 (was: 1.2.1 - Two of the three intermediate updates were security critical!)
+ Updated SQLite to (was: 3.6.11)
+ Worked around a Wine annoyance related to InternetSetOption()

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