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Label Control & Filters

Postby audio » Fri Mar 21, 2008 10:15 pm

I am a new user to GreatNews and I am loving it in every way. As of now, I have a lot of questions about usability, but I will post just 3 :roll: (just not to waste anybody's time :wink: ):

[1] :arrow: Can I include/customize any new filters on the filter combo box of the toolbar?
(There is only Unread/Labeled/All options, I would like to include some specific labels on that, like "movies", "download", "important" or "later")

[2] :arrow: Is there a way to show inside the pages (and also maybe in one more sortable column on the view header) which labels are associated with a specific message?
(I see only the small icon and have to click on each and every one to see "what's inside" - it's neat, but not very practical and consumes a lot of clicks)

[3] :arrow: Well, this is a "combo" question... :oops: (A) Where is all my DATA located? (B) Do I have options for archiving the articles (all together or separated by channel)? (C) If I do, can I still choose to search the archived files once in a while?

P.S: I could have a lot of suggestions, should I write them down or do the developers have their hands already full at the moment?

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